Cashplus Prepaid Gold MasterCard

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Award Wins

  • Best Payroll Prepaid Card
  • Best Unbanked Prepaid Card
  • Best Bank Account with Prepaid Card

What We Said

It is certainly not a surprise to find Cashplus at the head of the table when it comes to consumer choices at the Prepaid365 Awards. The Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard and the APS team have continued to win recognition across trade and consumer forums year on year and this recognition is well deserved. From innovations such as CreditBuilder to the new Debit Protect innovation, the Cashplus team have consistently delivered value to consumers with features and functionality that bring actual tangible benefit. Their track record in helping the unbanked and underserved to gain electronic payments access and become financially included is second to none.

Amit Sharma, CEO and Senior Prepaid Consultant at Prepaid365, the UK’s Prepaid Card Portal

What They Said

APS are delighted to win three consumer awards this year.  I’m very proud of our team as we continue to listen to our customers’ needs and build better products for them. We never will stop innovating as we constantly look to reward our customers with more product capabilities than any other payment solution on the market. It’s also great to have Prepaid365 to support awards where the consumer chooses winners not just industry experts as its those consumers who really know what the best products are as they are the users of them every day.

Rich Wagner,  Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Payment Solutions [Cashplus]