Lebara Prepaid MasterCard

Card Review: http://www.prepaid365.com/prepaid-reviews/lebara-prepaid-card-review/

Card Website: http://www.lebara.co.uk/money

Award Runners Up

  • Best Moneyshare Prepaid Card
  • Best Prepaid Marketing Campaign

What We Said

A relative newcomer to the prepaid card market, the Lebara Money Prepaid MasterCard has quickly started to make waves amongst consumer circles. The Lebara Money Marketing campaign has made the Lebara Prepaid MasterCard instantly recognisable and the consumer proposition ensures that the product has deservedly created a lasting impression in consumer minds and not just for the kudos value associated with amazing gold prepaid cards. With the weight of the Lebara Group behind this new product, this is definitely one to watch, now and in the future.

Amit Sharma, CEO and Senior Prepaid Consultant at Prepaid365, the UK’s Prepaid Card Portal