Moneycorp Explorer Prepaid Card

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  • Best Prepaid Card Innovation

What We Said

Multicurrency prepaid cards have been talked about in the UK market for a few years now and the Moneycorp prepaid card with 14 Currencies on a single card is possibly the only genuine multicurrency card around in the UK market. An absolutely brilliant innovation with 14 different purses on the same card, the Moneycorp Prepaid card is truly a travel card designed with the consumer in mind. No longer do consumers need to fiddle with a number of different currency cards when just one will fit the bill across different regions; Innovation well rewarded by consumers at the Prepaid365 Awards.

Amit Sharma, CEO and Senior Prepaid Consultant at Prepaid365, the UK’s Prepaid Card Portal

What They Said

We’re delighted with this award, as we’ve put a lot of hard work into making the Moneycorp Explorer card a genuinely multi-currency card. As the only prepaid card that can carry up to 14 currencies, it allows users to travel further afield than anyone else. The prepaid card market is hotting up as more and more travellers appreciate the security and transparency that these cards offer. Moneycorp’s goal is to stay one step ahead of the competition by offering consistent innovation and greater flexibility.

Mark Hogan, Chief Operating Officer at Moneycorp