Energy spending in the majority of households is a lot higher in the winter than in the summer, but there are still plenty of ways to cut energy bills even further.

It’s also possible to go greener, meaning people can do their bit for the environment at the same time, all with the help of these simple, yet effective, money saving tips.

If energy usage is left unchecked, it’s still possible to rack up large bills during the summer months, even if there isn’t a need to use the heating.

Keeping doors and windows closed when using an air conditioning system can save a vast amount as less energy is required by the system to do its job.

Simple checks on door and window seals can also ensure that cool air cannot escape easily, again reducing the pressure on any cooling systems.

Using any timer functions on these systems can also help to make a saving, as it means they are not running when they are not required.

Managing systems and appliances

Alternatively, not using the system and opening windows to maintain a continual airflow around a property can also have the same affect without incurring additional expense.

Leaving windows on the latch overnight is a great way of keeping bedrooms cool as well, although they should be shut quickly if rooms become too cold.

At the same time, turning off unnecessary lighting can also represent a saving, as the longer daylight hours can provide enough light for longer periods of time.

Cleaning the coils on a fridge and defrosting the freezer can also reduce the amount of energy that those types of appliances use, representing a further saving.

It’s also a good time to replace any older appliances – especially if it’s something that’s been under consideration for a long time – new products are much more energy-efficient and should represent a significant cut to any bills.

Enjoying a stress free summer

Saving on energy means it’s possible to relax in the summer sun without any additional stresses that might relate to financial pressures.

Financial management is extremely important so keeping spending in check with a prepaid card is a great way of ensuring you don’t spend more than you would like.

A prepaid card limits spending to the amount on the card at any given moment and is not directly linked to a bank account, ultimately making funds safer.

The cards can easily be topped up or replaced if required, while accounts can be checked regularly online if needed.