Summer is the season of getting out and about and taking part in activities that help you make the most of the glorious summer sunshine.

And with summer wardrobes to organise and holidays to plan, many of us will be heading out on a shopping trip or two to ensure that we have everything we need to make this summer one to remember.

The BRC-KPMG Online Retail Sales Monitor for June shows that consumers across the UK have already been busy stocking up for summer with sales of Health & Beauty, Footwear growing across the quarter as well as across the year.

With the summer months also representing the busiest time for births, soon-to-be parents are also buying in readiness for bringing up a baby. Figures from the monitor show that sales of ‘Toys & Baby Equipment’ have pushed ahead of clothing and the home categories.

What these figures point towards is the idea that shopping online has become increasingly popular amongst consumers. If your summer shopping list is growing by the day, here are just a few reasons you may want to head online to tick it off.

Avoiding the summer sales rush

With both mid-season and end of season sales taking place during the summer there is likely to be a scramble in stores as shoppers try to snap up the best in summer sale bargains. Browsing sale items online from the comfort of your home means that you can avoid what could be a potentially hectic in-store experience.

The best of both worlds

Some shoppers are reluctant to buy the outfits they need online, because they don’t want to go through the process of returning items that don’t fit. Many retailers now offer the option to click and collect items, offering the best of both worlds. This means that you can order an item online, collect and try on in-store and simply return to the cashier for a refund should the item not fit.

Shopping on the go

With the hectic pace of modern life, many consumers can’t dedicate the time they need to really shop until they drop. And with a summer filled with sport, festivals and local events there are plenty of events to purchase choice outfits for. Online shopping via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets means that you can fit your shop into any spare window you have, including your commute to work!

MasterCard/VISA prepaid cards for online shopping are a great choice for those who want a secure payment method that helps them budget their shopping spend. Shoppers can only spend what is on the card, though this amount can be topped up online at anytime, and prepaid cards include a number of security features such as Chip & PIN.