Sometimes thinking of gift ideas for people can be an incredibly difficult procedure – especially in cases where the people concerned have not asked for anything in particular.

From birthday gifts to an alternative wedding present, there is a way to give without the associated struggle of finding the right item.

This reduces the likelihood of someone getting a gift they don’t want and gives them the ability to choose something that they do want.

A prepaid gift card provides a different solution, providing a card that can be loaded with funds and then used at any number of retail outlets across the country.

A wide range of options

Some gift cards can be purchased to be used in specific stores – known as closed loop cards – while others can be used anywhere.

For people who shop in specific stores, the former are a great option, while the latter are ideal for anyone that wants to promote choice via their gift.

In terms of loading up these cards, some come in set denominations while others can be topped up on the spot with the desired amount.

This provides a great deal of freedom when deciding upon a gift as the amount can be suitable for the occasion – regardless of whether it’s an 18th birthday gift or a graduation present.

Money can be loaded on via a credit or debit card, or via a bank transfer, while there will be no direct link between accounts for enhanced security.

Branded cards will not be personalised in the sense that no cardholder name will appear on the card, while others could be personalised in this fashion – ideal if the card is to be kept and topped up regularly.

Secure financial options

It is also possible to provide security measures on these cards if required, as some carry the chip and PIN level of protection.

Not placing cash in envelopes or sending it through the post is also considerably safer while the recipient of the gift card has a great level of flexibility.

Cards can be used in retail stores in a similar way as a debit card or for online purchases, as well as for withdrawing money from an ATM.

Since there’s no credit facility the cards also represent a great way to manage money effectively, as only the funds on the card can be spent.

If you’re hunting for a gift solution this summer, a prepaid gift card could be the answer, but it’s important to compare all of the options available to find the most suitable one.