Opening up the world of online shopping for a consumer means they too can benefit from the wide range of deals and offers that are available.

For anyone without a credit or debit card, these possibilities cab be unobtainable, but not so if they have an online prepaid card.

These cards are specifically designed for online purchases where an electronic card is required – opening up a wide range of opportunities.

From buying gifts and essentials online, to accessing cheaper air fares or train tickets, such a card could represent an opportunity to make considerable savings.

Access to the world of online savings

It also means sites such as eBay can be used, increasing the number of locations where potential goods or services may be found.

Other goods can also be found for much lower prices on the internet than in stores, so there would no longer be the need to pay over the odds for anything.

A prepaid online card is a safe and secure method of payment, while it provides people with access to their money at any time of day and night – provided the card is topped up.

An opportunity to budget effectively

The cards themselves work in a similar way to a credit or debit card, but with a few important alterations.

Firstly, there is no credit facility available as only finances loaded onto the cards can be spent, limiting spending and ensuring that shopping stays within budget.

Essentially, it is a card that can be used once the user has topped it up, although additional funds can always be added to it.

For anyone without a bank account or with credit issues, a prepaid card is therefore a great way to manage their finances.

No need for credit or financial checks

With prepaid cards, the lack of a credit facility means credit checks are not required in order to have one – just a person’s identity and address would need to be verified.

Furthermore, they are not closely linked to any bank details, reducing the opportunity for fraudsters to access bank accounts and the funds within.

Only the funds on a prepaid card could be accessed should a card go missing – that is assuming that the card is not equipped with chip and PIN measures or other security.

Cash could also be withdrawn from millions of ATMs across the globe using this type of card, opening up new opportunities for people to manage their finances.